Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen

Sofra brings you the best of Lebanese, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine right here in Vancouver. Restaurant dedicated to the regional cuisine where east meets west, where the fusion of flavours combines effortlessly from freshly baked traditional Pida and pastries to the array of meat and vegetable dishes.

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Sofra specialises in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, and all our foods, dips and sauces are made in house with only the finest ingredients. Whether you are a retailer or restaurant and are looking to service your customers with the finest quality Mediterranean foods then give us a try. Below are some bulk items we sell as a wholesaler:



  1. Fresh Hummus
  2. Fresh Taztziki
  3. Fresh Garlic sauce
  4. Fresh Baba Ghanoush
  5. Spanakopita
  6. Fresh Falafel dough
  7. Labneh
  8. Fresh Cut Fries  
  9. Salad sauces for Tabouleh, Fatoush, Greek and Garden salad
  10. Sofra Hot Sauce
  11. Sofra Tahini Sauce
  12. Marinates for Kebabs and Shawerma
  13. Lahmacun and Pida


If you would like a sample of our products or for more information please email us [email protected]